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Express Blue #1

This is my formula to do traditional rust bluing without the need for a humidity box. Chemicals are in the solution to form iron oxide by applying heat. Then the oxide coating turns blue black when boiled in water.


Express Brown #2

This is my formula for producing a brown to plum brown finish on steel. 


Slow Rust #3

This is my formula for a traditional rust blue. A humidity box is needed.

Fine Gunmaking


Miniature model of a customized Mauser 98

The following pictures are of a miniature Mauser 98. Mark Lee made all of the metal and accessories, Monte Mandarino did the magnificent stockwork, Dan Goodwin did the exquisite engraving, and Marvin Huey did the beautiful case. I am lucky enough to own the piece of art. The complete rifle weighs one pound.


Miniature checkering

I hope the photo does justice to the chekering that Monte did on this miniature. It is 48 lines per inch. Unbelievable!


Miniature bolt knob engraving

This is a closeup of the bolt knob that shows the precision of Dan's engraving. I know we had more than 2000 hours in the project. This project was finished in 1984.

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